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So, why "Master Jeff?" I am the owner and chief instructor of a martial arts dojo! In fact, the need for effective training simulators is what lead me to start making blue guns in the first place. The term "Blue Guns" was actually coined by Ring's Blue Guns. Then came Blackhawk, Cold Steel, and other training simulator manufacturors - but the industry standard for "training simulator" has become "Blue Gun," like the industry standard for "petroleum jelly" has become "Vasoline." Now the blue guns made by these big manufacturors are, in my opinion, exhorbitantly priced - which is why I started selling my own simulators on ebay. Then ebay forbid the sale of Glock blue guns by all but one or two "big box" sellers. Bye bye decent prices for Glock blue guns! But I have them here - for all who can find me. Just give me a buzz and I'll help you with whatever you need - modifications, customizations, finding other models, you name it. Thanks for looking!